The Best Running Gloves to Use With Your Smartphone

Anyone who goes running in bad weather will know the value of a decent pair of running gloves, they are great at protecting one’s hands from cold winds, moisture and other elements that might make it harder for you to focus on your running. Running gloves are great to wear on cold days, however, the biggest problem with wearing gloves is that you cannot interact with your smartphone while they are one. Whether it’s to take a picture, to take a look at your fitness app or to pick up a call, stopping to remove your gloves every time you want to use your phone can get annoying.

This is why touch-screen compatible running gloves exist, there are plenty of great running gloves out there that keep your hands warm and shielded and also let you use your smartphone without any problems, let’s take a look at some of the best running gloves you can get right now.

Asics Thermal Protection Gloves

The sleek and soft Asics Thermal Protection Gloves look great and feel great on your hands, and despite looking so thin, they do a superb job at providing insulation and water proofing. Their water repellent surface makes them wearable in almost any kind of weather, the insides are sweat absorbent and a spot on the thumb lets you interact with touchscreens.

Under Armour Men’s Threadborne Running Gloves

These gloves are designed to keep water at bay and provide you with extra grip on your device, the exterior is water repellent and the fingertips come with silicone grips. On the inside, these gloves are keep your hands warm and comfortable without compromising on breathability.

Nike Women’s Printed Tailwind Running Gloves

These thin and stylish gloves are bound to keep any female runner happy, the stylishly patterned exterior of the gloves is made of material that is light enough to keep one’s hand warm without feeling to obstructing and the thumb and forefinger in each glove allows for touchscreen use.

Smartwool PhD HyFi Wind Training Gloves

For the hardcore runners out there who plan on going the long mile, these wind training gloves are a great option, their front panel is designed to be completely wind proof and the insides are lined with soft merino wool that keeps your hands toasty warm. The palms of these gloves are covered in silicone dots to enhance grip and the thumbs are smartphone friendly.

The North Face Runners 2 Etip Gloves

Apart from providing great wind and water resistance, the 2 Etip Gloves are great to use due to their practical and well-thought out design. The front panel of these gloves have a much needed fleece section that making wiping one’s face quite easy, along with touchscreen friendly finger tips.

Saucony Unisex Nomad Gloves

Whether you are a girl or a guy, these neutral looking gloves are bound to win you over with their excellent thermal protection, anti-chaff fabric and smartphone thumbs and index fingers.

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